AirShaper CFD

The Best 3D Scanning and CFD Similation Partnership

Matrix CAD Design, Inc. and AirShaper has formed a strategic partnership to bring a one-stop aero analysis package: High-quality 3D scan, complete 3D model & a tailored aerodynamic analysis – all at an attractive price. Matrix CAD Design's extensive experience in 3D Scanning along with AirShaper’s unique ability to work with open-surface 3D models and automated simulation platform has created an affordable and easy to use complete solution.

Sample MCD / Airshaper case

300 MPH goal: While street car tuning continues to grow and expand, so does the desire to reach unprecidented speeds. Knowledge is key to not only achieve these high speeds, but also safety is a concern as well to ensure the vehicle doesn't "transform into an airplane"....

Click below for a sample report created by using 3D Scan data from Matrix CAD Design, Inc., and AirShaper's CFD similuation.